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January 15


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Title: Your pasta's getting cold...part 3 (lemon)


(Y/n's p.o.v)

That day, I spent the night at Lovino's house. It was nice really. That is until we have to sleep. I have to sleep in the bed with Lovi! I don't mind, but I'm really nervous. "Go wash up ragazza. I'll be in the bedroom." Lovino hands me a towel, and a wash rag. I thank him, and head in the direction he pointed out to be the bathroom. I strip out of my dirty clothes, and hop in the steamy shower water. It feels like hot needles on my bare skin. It's.....nice. I hang the towel up, and start to wash.


After getting a good washing, I change into a short black nightgown, and head to Lovino's bedroom. I open the door slowly, and start to the bed. The only thing visible is Lovino's bed, and his body in the moonlight. I lay down next to him, and cuddle up against his side. His breath is slow and steady. He's asleep. So I take this time to check his handsome features. He had dark chocolate hair, and a nice built body. Not huge, but he isn't scrawny. His usual golden brown eyes are not visible; hidden behind his thin eyelids. His eyes remind me of those of dragons. Friendly dragons. He has his muscular arms behind his head, supporting it. His chest rise and falls slowly. It's something that stands out from all his nice features.....a long curl on the right side of his head. It looks cute. I reach out, and run my finger along it. It shakes, and Lovino squirms under me. I retract my hand, and go back onto my side. What the? I reach out, and grab it again. This time, Lovino just doesn't squirm. But moans. HE MOANED! I feel a bit adventurous, so I give it a gentle tug. A manly growl erupts from the very back of his throat. I tug it harder this time. His eyes snap open, and in a split second I'm on my back under him. "L-Lovino...?" I stutter out. His eyes hold many lust, desire, and many others. He crashes his plump lips against mine in a passionate kiss. He pulls away for a breather. "You pulled my curl (y/n)." He growls near my ear, and gives the shell a rough tug. I moan, and shiver under his built chest. He smirks, as he buries his mouth in the crook of my neck nibbling at my collar bone. "Lovino~" I grab a hand full of his nice silky smooth hair, and pull him closer to me. "Lovino?" He growls, and looks up at me. "What?" His voice sounds like gravel in my ear. "Are we....gonna..." He cuts me off. "Yes." He takes my wrist in his hands, and pins them above my head grazing his eyes over my body. "Hm.." He hungrily licks his lips. "So beautiful ragazza...." He lifts my nightgown above my head, and tosses it across the room. He goes down to my panties ready to remove them. Since I was going to sleep, I didn't have a bra on. He pulls my panties down painfully slow with his teeth. Once off, Lovino tosses them along with my discarded nightgown. "Hm....Mi chiedo che cosa voi gusto piace...." Lovino teases my wet folds with his thumb and forefinger. I moan and beg him to continue the sweet torture. Without warning, Lovi inserts two fingers into my hot body. I clutch onto the sheets desperately, and moan his name. "Lovino Vargas! More~!" I shut my eyes tight, and continue to moan his sweet name. I feel my stomach tighten, then I release my love juices onto Lovino's fingers. He retracts them, and sucks on his two fingers. He moans in pure bliss. "Proprio come caramelle...." He says, before shedding his pants, and positioning himself at my entrance. "Lovino..?" "What is it bella?" "I'" I say in a low whisper.. I'm surprised he heard me. He leans down, and gives me a nice longing kiss on the lips. "Don't worry bella. I will go easy, and gentle." He whispers into my neck. I nod, and signal him to continue. He slides in at a slow pace. The pain is slightly unbearable. I clutch the silky blood red sheets, and shut my eyes tight. "Lovino! It hurts!" I feel salty tears run down my cheeks. "Fuck....I'm so sorry bella! I'll stop." I shake my head vigorously. "No Lovino! I love you, and I want to be yours. Just rip the band aid off." He looks confused at first, but soon catches my drift. " want me to break through your hymen?" He asks lowly. I nod my head fast. "Hurry please! This does hurt like hell." I breath out. He chuckles a bit before ramming into me fully. I can feel my hymen being ripped to nothingness. After a few second of the chainsaw-through-the-stomach pain, the pleasure starts to override the pain. I wrap my legs around Lovino, and moan. "Speed up Lovino!" I beg. He smiles, and continues pounding into my womb merciless. "Lovi~!" "(Y/N)!" Lovi does one more forceful thrust, then cums deep in me. I soon cum later after him. His warm juice fills me up whole, and wonderfully. Lovino pulls me down on his chest. "Ti amo (y/n)." He whispers in my soft hair. "Ti amo troppo Lovino~." I kiss him gently on his cheek. "Good night il mio cuore." He says sleepily. "Good night il mio uomo."


Hope you enjoyed! I still have my V card, so I really don't know what sex is like. This is how I imagined it with Roma though~! Hope you guys liked it. :3 I'm a HUGE PERV! XD


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